Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Well I'm late but Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have been through several polish changes, but forgot to take pics of a few ;)
So I will start with my pink nails with the ring finger stamped. I stamped them with white konad polish then dotted the flowers with color.

Next is a simple American manicure. I like the pearly white better than solid white on my nails. It's just such a natural look.

And here is the natural, clear coat only nail! Ta-da...........

These next few pics are a really pretty color (China Glaze) which I don't remember the name of. I just wanted to try it out for a day or so. It's a very dark fall color and I really enjoyed it. It's one of those colors that is super pretty and shiny in the sun light and super rich and dark inside.

Then there is my current manicure. I was ready for Christmas colors, so I went with green and red. Both are China Glaze colors with a white striper for the accents.

I also carried a box of nail stuff to Oklahoma with me and painted/stamped my niece, daughter and sister. However, I didn't take pics! What? I know, I have been a bit on the brain fart side lately. BUT....I do have a pic of the girls for you ;)

The little one in front is my niece. They are soo cute!
I also have one last photo to share. I figured since we share my manicures all the time I will share with you the mean guy that pulled me over and gave me my first speeding ticket......EVER! Kidding, he was real nice. I was just mad that I can never say I've never had one now!

Ok, so you can't really see HIM, but those are the mean man's lights that made my daughter cry! I'm not kidding, she started crying when I said, "Oh sh*t, he's pulling ME over!"
Nuff about that!
So I only have a few weeks left of school and I will have MUCH more free time to paint nails! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I am steadily practicing my nail flub corrections too. I can't seem to get that PERFECT paint job, even when I try correcting with the brush dipped in remover..... but I WILL! Look forward to many more mani's this month!
Happy Painting!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Black Matte Polish from Avon!

I have been hunting for matte polish for a while now. Even when I went to Ulta they had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for it. Duh! Educate your sales people!
Anywho, I painted a black matte base coat and used gold for the stamp and tips. The tips got a little gunky, so I wasn't real happy about that. Of course you couldn't notice from a distance anyway.

I wore this for three days! It survived my trip to Canton! If you don't know, Canton is like a HUGE flea market and it was 2 days of endless shopping! So that was pretty good. I was concerned that I didn't use a base coat, but it held up pretty good.......

So this week I have another interview. It's a little more casual, so I just went with a french manicure. It's a pearly white on the tips.

That's all for now! I think next I'll try some layered stamps! They look so good on other people's posts ;)

Happy Painting!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Full nail stamping

I have to say this was a great deal of fun! I was looking for something not-so-bold for my interview (even though I didn't get the job!)
I don't remember the name of the colors, but the base was 3 coats of a light pink. The stamp was actually the same green as the tips, but it was a LOT lighter. It was a china glaze green from the metro collection.
Anyway, it was fun and I hope you enjoy!

Sorry, I could have gotten better pics but you get the point!
Happy Painting!