Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Victoria Nail Supply!

Thank you Nightly Nails for that review! I just placed my order for some polish. I got 8 full size bottles of China Glaze for $32! And that was with shipping! I am going to be a great customer!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out:

Happy Painting!

Purple Gradient!

This was fun, and I did it right before school last night! It's the first time I tried gradient nails so go easy on me! I used:
Base~Finger Paints-Get Real-ISM!
Tips~Sally Hansen Xtreme wear-Rock Star Pink
Blend~NYX-Purple Glitter
Then I garnished my ring fingers with a few rhinestones!

This was in partial sunlight this morning....

Some of my orders from Hong Kong are starting to drift in slowly, but among them was my order of fimo sticks. I was pleased! And so was my daughter! So she wanted pink bows on all of her nails.......

I also decided to take a picture of the nail art that I have already collected. I am so excited about turning my talent into a fundraiser!

Well that was my fun last night! The more I look at the gradient, them more flaws I see. But I guess practice makes perfect.......sort of ;) Oh, and my cuticles are dryer than desert sand right now! I know it's not pretty but I'm trying to keep them oiled/lotion-ed up!

Happy Painting!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Just excited to see 'That's So Fresh' is giving away the whole Julie G nail collection! Here is her collection:

That was my inspiration to paint nails in the very beginning! The colors are beautiful. Here's the link to participate....


Contest ends Sept. 16th! So hurry!

Great weekend!

This was a very productive weekend! I am posting pictures of my practice with acrylic paints from Friday. Just getting the feel of them, so it wasn't anything huge.

Then Saturday I went to a local flea market and found this.....

I was so excited. I have been wanting a Konad stamp set for a long time, but didn't want to pay the money.I didn't really save much since this kit cost me $45, but I didn't have to pay for shipping and handling. AND, my hubby bought it for me because he liked it! So it was a win~win! I got black, white and red paint and these plates....

So you know I had to play with them! The first thing I did was put volley balls on my daughter's nails. She is going through the last day of tryouts today and I thought it would be cute. I didn't take pics because it was horrible ;) The balls were all over the place and half of them didn't transfer the image completely. But hey, it was my first time. I did, however take a picture of mine. Not that they're any better, but I have to have something to compare to when I'm whipping out beautiful nails later! So here is what I ended up with....(remember, I'm not showing these because I'm proud!)

It was fun, but odd at first. Once you press the stamp down on the plate and transfer it to your nail it's like it instantly dries. And it's like a sticker almost....which is why regular nail polishes didn't work, I know...I tried! I will keep trying different brands though. I like that after you are done and put a top coat on you can just wash the excess polish off your cuticles with water. I used my nails and lightly scratched under running water and it came right off. So no messy manicures!
Well that's all for now. I am going to e-bay and search Google to see if I can't find a cheaper place to get plates and polishes!
Happy Painting!

Friday, August 26, 2011

School time!

I painted my daughter's nails last night. I am so excited about this one! I think it turned out beautiful! I got this idea off of youtube of course. These are the paints I used:
Eraser: Sinful colors~Pink Forever
Pencil: Finger Paints~Art Nouv-Yellow
Darker yellow: Ultra Pro~Like Butta
Metal ring: Sally Hansen X-Treme~Celeb City

I used several coats of Seche Vite to see if it will stay longer, since she's pretty active. Now I am trying to rally up my friends to get manicures so I can raise money for my Breast Cancer Awareness Team, 'The Boob Squad'.
One day I might even start making tutorials!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling like RED!

I decided I was ready for some nice red polish! Unfortunately it was a little thick. I even tried to add polish thinner to it. So my nails turned out a little crappy, but I don't keep polish on my nails for long so it will do for now. I can't remember the name of the color (as usual) but it was Wet-n-Wild Shine. I should have used OPI!

I am so excited! I just ordered a load of stuff on e-bay! I am posting a pic of my polish collection, although I would LOVE one of those acrylic shelving units my current baskets will have to do. I ordered some stickers, rhinestones, filo sticks and more! I think there were 9 purchases and I only spent $10 and some change! Of course it is all coming from Hong Kong so I won't see it for a while, but I'll have it in time for Christmas!
Happy Painting!

I later added a few flowers, nothing special.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Playin!

So I just felt like painting. Unfortunately I broke a nail! It's so short that I will have to grow them out to make them even again. I just couldn't bare to paint on all NUBS! Once again I know the paints are China Glaze but don't remember the dang name! I'll have to work on that. I am upset that I can't keep pretty manicures long, but the tips always wear off after a few days. So tonight I will be re painting for my cousin's graduation tomorrow. I'll post pics of whatever I come up with!

I also have a few issues with dry skin because I use nail polish remover so often. I lotion my hands all of the time and always rub in cuticle oil between changes. Not sure if there is something out there for that.
Happy Painting!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The good, bad and ugly!

Found a new color I just LOVE! Not because pink is my favorite color, but this just POPS! It's 'Oh Cabana Boy' by Orly.

I also have done several polish changes and have some old photos to post. Since this is new I will do that now and try to keep up with future changes!
The pumpkin was from Thanksgiving 2010.
The others are just random. The most recent is the black crackle paint. I put a silver paint on for the base, and a black crackle over that. I know they were both OPI, but not sure of the names.
I will try to keep better track of that!
Thanks for reading!