Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Purple Gradient!

This was fun, and I did it right before school last night! It's the first time I tried gradient nails so go easy on me! I used:
Base~Finger Paints-Get Real-ISM!
Tips~Sally Hansen Xtreme wear-Rock Star Pink
Blend~NYX-Purple Glitter
Then I garnished my ring fingers with a few rhinestones!

This was in partial sunlight this morning....

Some of my orders from Hong Kong are starting to drift in slowly, but among them was my order of fimo sticks. I was pleased! And so was my daughter! So she wanted pink bows on all of her nails.......

I also decided to take a picture of the nail art that I have already collected. I am so excited about turning my talent into a fundraiser!

Well that was my fun last night! The more I look at the gradient, them more flaws I see. But I guess practice makes perfect.......sort of ;) Oh, and my cuticles are dryer than desert sand right now! I know it's not pretty but I'm trying to keep them oiled/lotion-ed up!

Happy Painting!

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