Thursday, January 19, 2012


Ok, even though they didn't win, they put up a great fight! Last Friday was go Texans day here in the big H and I had some fun with it.

I tried to let things dry for a bit before applying Sech Vite, but my SV has gotten extremely thick and drags colors. I'm going to be hunting for a better top coat pretty soon. Anyhow, all of the pictures show a bit of wear because I was cooking, chopping and cleaning ALL day! So by the end of it all it started chipping off and my thumb nail tore....ugghhhhh!!!!!
So yes, it's back to a nub for me.
Then I went with a dark color again, because you know how I like to change things up. I started with Quick Brick by Sally Hansen, but it quickly showed some wear along the tips, so I sponged on some This Is It by Sinful Colors. That was pretty enough, but then I remembered I had some plain gold glitter chunks in a clear base and thought it would be perfect. Unfortunately you really have to dig around the bottle to get the chunks to come out. That's what I get for buying a 99 cent polish from a beauty discount store. Still looks pretty though!

I didn't clean the edges this time because 1. I didn't plan on keeping this mani long, 2. my cuticles are so dry! Acetone would only dry them further!
I do wish that I could polish as beautifully as some of the pics I see out there. I thought after all this time I would have learned. Oh well. I guess if I'm still having fun with it that's all that matters! This weekend I will be shopping for clothes for my new job, and then I'll pick the perfect mani to start my week with!
Thanks for stopping by!

Happy painting!!!!!!!!!

Welcome 2012!

I kept saying this was going to be MY year! And what do ya know???? I got a new job! And that, my friends, would be why I am just now posting for the new year! So I have plenty of mani's to show you!
After the new year I got tired of the dark color so I went 'el-natural'. I can't recall what the name of it is, but this is just a frosty white tip with some small glitter....

Then I guess I got on a 'french mani' kick, because then I switched to a hot pink, Oasis by Sinful Colors...

I put Kaleidoscope by Wet-N-Wild on top of it for a great sparkle!
Then decided to file them down, because I was noticing some cracks. Awe..sniff..sniff. I didn't want to be too tacky or 'loud' for my interview so I went with a red french tip and put some Kaleidoscope on it again.

I know the last picture is blurry, but I'm making a point. In the close up pics you can see that my lines aren't real straight and it might look a little tacky, however in real life nobody looks that close and they really didn't look bad.
Sometimes I take the time to clean up real pretty and sometimes I just don't bother. Usually because I'm painting in a hurry ;)
I will post again with more soon!
Happy painting!