Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeling like RED!

I decided I was ready for some nice red polish! Unfortunately it was a little thick. I even tried to add polish thinner to it. So my nails turned out a little crappy, but I don't keep polish on my nails for long so it will do for now. I can't remember the name of the color (as usual) but it was Wet-n-Wild Shine. I should have used OPI!

I am so excited! I just ordered a load of stuff on e-bay! I am posting a pic of my polish collection, although I would LOVE one of those acrylic shelving units my current baskets will have to do. I ordered some stickers, rhinestones, filo sticks and more! I think there were 9 purchases and I only spent $10 and some change! Of course it is all coming from Hong Kong so I won't see it for a while, but I'll have it in time for Christmas!
Happy Painting!

I later added a few flowers, nothing special.....

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