Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I have a few things to show you that I have been working on. So let's get started! The first one is a quick job I did on Sunday. I really thought I could wear it all week long, but I got tired of it by yesterday. It was an orange glitter by Sinful Colors for the base and black crackle for the top. I can never wear polish very long, so I took it off and tried a new color. This may be my favorite new color! NYC for 99 cents it goes on beautifully! It's called brownstone. The first picture is just one coat, so it needed another. Then I took pictures after the second coat and glitter. Details in pictures below: I think the brown all by itself is going to be a great fall color! I also have to tell you that I ordered another set of Bundle Monster plates! Here are just a few..... I wish I had a more steady hand, because it's almost embarrassing showing you my imperfect nails sometimes. Anyhow my new stamps played a big hand in this design I have on now. I will probably change again tomorrow night or Friday night since the holiday will pass and another is around the corner. I will be posting again soon! Happy Halloween! And Happy Painting yall!

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