Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Darn cold weather=dry skin!

So I have tried soo many lotions and oils on my poor cuticles, but nothing seems to really moisturize them very well. They will look good for a while then a few hours later look horrible! For the most part it's probably because I never want to spend much money. Yesterday I decided I'm worth it! I spent around $6 and bought this Sally Hansen Maximum Growth cuticle and nail treatment stick. Oh, I'm in love! My cuticles look good all day! It is totally worth it if you have dry-problem cuticles!

The application can be tricky, because you turn one end of the stick and the oil comes out on a brush on the other end. Sometimes if your not careful it will drip!

After I brush the oil on I push my cuticles in with this comfy plastic tool....

And there you have it! I highly recommend this beauty!

I also dabbled in some nail art the other day, but did I get a picture....no! Completely forgot, then about 2 days later I cleaned house and they got yucky so I took it all off. However, I did do a sweet little girl's nails for a banquet the other day! Now please take note that she has little sad nubs that were very hard to paint, and I did some clean up when I was done. It's just hard when they bite their nails because clean up with remover can hurt. I started with a silver base, and used a BM stamp in black. She got some black and clear rhinestones for accent as well!

Then I had to paint her little toesies as well! I just did silver with a flower accent.

Well hopefully tonight I'll have some time for a great design! I'm ready!
Happy Painting!

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