Monday, September 26, 2011

Busy weekend!

Yeah!!!!!!!! My tips came in from Hong Kong! So of course I went to Hobby Lobby and found some sticks to put them on and got to work!
The picture is not really big enough to see, but Ford does a lot of work for breast cancer and my inspiration was their Ford Warrior symbols. You can find them at

Each one of them has a special meaning. I am no artist, so I did the best I could. So this first pic is my version of breast cancer awareness nails. I will be working on getting better at these!

Then I decided to just play around with pink colors.

When I start something like this my brain just goes wild. I will start on one nail and while that's drying start another, then I'll forget what I was going to do on the first. Ok, so maybe that's my attention deficit, but I just decided to go with it....and this is what I got;

Then I decided to try out my new UV light, with a special UV top coat! My husband is so awesome!

I feel so professional now ;0)
However, my new 'manicure space' is a MESS!

So like I said, the weekend was busy and pretty productive I think.
I also earned some money for my fundraiser by putting in feather extensions at my cousin's baby shower. Woot!

That about sums up my weekend! I can't wait to get home and paint some more!
Happy Painting!

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