Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cherry blossoms and CND!

Well I was able to finish the cherry blossom manicure last night. Can't say I was very pleased with it though. I used acrylic paints for the tips and it turned out kinda gunky! It was ok though.

It was fun, and lasted about an hour before I wanted to take it off. My hubby decided to get me an early birthday present.....6 bottles of CND polish! I was uber excited! I decided to try it out on my daughter, which is really hard to do on her sad un-manicured nubs. This is her favorite color!

I think he was going for shellac, but he ordered the wrong stuff! So that will probably come later ;)
The polishes in order:
Rouge Red
Electric Purple
Bicycle Yellow
Creamy Cameo
Silver Chrome

I have to say the application is the best I've every tried. Smooth, great brush and depending on how you apply your polish, some of these look great with just one coat! Yes, ONE COAT! Vibrant colors! I can tell this brand is quickly going to become a favorite for me! I will start swatching them one day soon!
Until then, Happy Painting!

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