Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Arrival!

Well I received a few packages the other day! Two of them were just stickers, which I didn't take pics of. The other package was my micro beads! I was so excited to play with them that I tried them out was a huge fail! They bleed color onto the nail! No good! I will try a few other colors but I'm not impressed. The picture is kinda blurry, but here it is :(

As you can see this made me sad.
Here is the wheel. I guess that's what I get buying from Hong Kong.

So I will sit here and patiently wait the rest of my deliveries...and hope they hold up better than this.

On a good note, I added a few more colors to the polish family!
This is 'CROWN ME ALREADY' by OPI. I bought this because it has beautiful round chunks of silver in the small glitters. I love it!

This one is by EssEnce, called 'ITS PURPLICIOUS' and I bought it for the mixture of large and small glitter as well.

As soon as I try these beauties I will post pics! That's all for today, but expect some awesomeness over the weekend, because I feel like painting!

Happy Labor Day and happy painting!

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