Friday, September 9, 2011

Konad stamping....

Ok, so it's not as easy as it looks! You have to have a steady hand, the right polish AND patience! I promise to practice until I'm not ashamed of my artwork any more ;)

And one day I will stop apologizing for my dry cuticles and just learn to oil them before pics ;) So this was my attempt to celebrate labor day weekend. I love this stamp!
The next pics were something for team spirit, for my daughter's volley ball game since I am score keeper. It looks black but the tips are a dark maroon.

I also did a manicure on my step mom who has the saddest little nubs. But she got real thin white tips with a floral stamp on her ring fingers. It was beautiful! Sorry I forgot a pic! But she will be getting another one next time they are in town. And I won't forget pics!
I'll blog after the weekend because I really want to show off my new China Glaze 'Wizard of Ooh and Ahz' collection!
Happy Painting!

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