Friday, October 21, 2011

Another quicky!

A lot of times right before I go to school at night I paint my nails. Not sure why, when I know they won't be dry. But Wednesday I decided to put on some silver glitter tips with my striper. Unfortunately it was kinda goopy and didn't cover like I wanted it to so I decided to hide that with rhinestones. Again, not sure why because I know I can't stand a hand full of those annoying little things, but I did.

Of course by the time I got back home I already lost 3-4 rhinestones. I tried really hard to keep it on, but yesterday I popped them all off at work. It's really not something I can handle....kinda like having a ring on every finger. Anyway, back to the goopy striper, I don't understand why the stripers all get thick quickly. Ok, not all of them, but the ones I use MOST. Black, white and silver glitter! I even put a thinner in them but it didn't work.
I will try to add some more, but I may just need a new bottle.
Hope you like!
Later I am posting steps on how I patched a crack in my nail!

Happy Painting!

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