Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I know I said I was gonna stamp like crazy this weekend, but for some reason the little kiddos were the only ones that got their nails painted! Most of the adults weren't interested. Unfortunately those little bitty nubs are almost impossible to stamp on, so the stamps I tried out were not worthy of pictures ;)
However, when I got home yesterday I had to do my own nails! I have seen a lot of layering with the stamps so I had to try it. My favorite one is the thumb, I have clouds in the background and trees on the bottom with a witch flying through the air. I also like the spider with the sparkly red dot on her back. Sorry the pictures didn't come out real well, but you get it right?

The silver clouds, cross and spider web are the CND silver. For all of the black images I used Konad special black polish and for the trees and house I used a Sally Hansen Insta Dry, Mocha Chino...or something like that.
I have not yet perfected the placement of the stamps yet. I also need to be a little more patient before putting on my speedy top coat because I smeared some of the images. But I'm still learning!
Hope you enjoyed!
Happy Painting!

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