Monday, October 24, 2011

MORE Halloween nails!

Well I really can't keep a mani for more than 2 days! I have re-painted my nails 3 times this weekend and I am positive this one won't last past tomorrow night!
I have purchased several new bottles of polish this Halloween season! Sometimes I have to really stop and think before I I really need ANOTHER bottle of polish? Don't I have one that looks like this at home? But somehow I manage to buy it anyway! Shhhhh, don't tell the hubby! Anyway, the first mani was a fun one, and I might have kept it for a while if I weren't worried about getting a call for an interview soon (I wish). I started with Sally Hansen Fantasy Makers, Black Magic. It's a black polish with teen tiny glitters. If your not in direct light it can be hard to see the glitter, so I layered 2 coats of Sally Hansen Pumpkin Spice on top. Pumpkin Spice has a light black jelly base, but tons of orange glitters in it. Then I topped it all off with Seche Vite. Sorry, the pictures don't show how sparkly it was!

I actually wore this all day Friday and Saturday and it never chipped!
Sunday I got bored watching the Texans kick Dallas butt and decided to do a full pedi and new mani! So I decided to match my toes to my new favorite Yellow Box flip flops and go for the pink bling! Don't remember the name of the polishes, but I don't usually show off the feet anyway ;) It's hard to get a picture because my toes curl real bad on that foot ever since I shattered my heel.

Yuck.........toes..........sorry about that.

So, I decided to let the hubby pick a color.
Me: Honey, pick a color, any color!
Hubby: Uhhh.....something fluorescent.
Me: Really?
Hubby: I dunno, something bright.
Me: Ok.

Weird because he usually doesn't like those colors. But I went for it. So I chose Sally Hansen Insta Dry, Lickety-split Lime. Really bright! Then I chose Blazing Blue to stamp with. I found that the Sally Hansen Insta Dry colors work really good in place of Konad 'special' polish. The tips were Konad plate M45.
Please don't laugh. I really am trying to learn how to stamp, I just can't seem to get them straight!

Ok, the last picture with the blobs on one nail are me trying to put stitches on the nail. And I think it could have worked had I used a thinner brush. Like I said folks, still learning!

So of course I decided that just wasn't going to work, since I am anticipating a phone call from my perfect future employer, who will want to meet with me right away.....minus the green nails.
I went with another SH polish, Quick Brick. I really like the way these polished go on smooth and they really do dry fast! So I used konad 'special' white polish and plate #M36, then embelished with rhinestones. Unfortunately it tends to chip too quick. Oh well.

Tomorrow....another day, another polish!
I made an order today with Bundle Monster! I am so excited! I ordered the 25 plate pack AND the 21 plate pack! Oh the choices I'll have!
Until then, Happy Painting!

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