Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween Craze!

I usually am on a pink craze in October, but for some reason all I can seem to come up with is Halloween designs! I have done a LOT in the past few weeks, so I have a lot to show! I also had my fundraiser last weekend......that we won't talk about, but I will show the pictures from the TWO girls that came. I forgot to take them so they sent me a pic.

That's all I have to say about that.

So, I keep getting stuck on the color orange for some reason. But here are a few pics of my latest designs.

Then I was totally inspired by a Halloween design from JaeMarie2008 on Youtube and decided to try it out on my already orange nails:

Now, mine wasn't nearly as pretty as hers, but I loved it! For some reason every time I start trying to do details on my nails I get all shaky :(
I also tried one more design just because I wanted to see the color on my nails!

I also have yellow toe nails with a spider web on the big toe.....not even going to pretend it's picture worthy! I'll figure out something else and take a pic when it is ready!
I guess that's all for now. Happy Painting!

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